We rehearse most Saturdays at Frodsham Community centre  9.30 – 11am in the main hall of the Community centre, check here for venues

We do not audition new members – all are welcome!

Frodsham Sings is extremely popular, mainly because we have great fun! 

 If you are interested in arranging an initial free taster session,and you are keen to perform with us, come along or  email us and tell us a little about yourself.  We particularly welcome anyone who is happy to perform at our many events!

Many profit making choirs can charge over £30 per month BUT WE DON’T ! Subscriptions are only £8.00 per month.  

Frodsham singsdid you know

Joining Frodsham Sings is the best move I ever made..Love it!!

There are a number of things I like about the choir.

The camaraderie in the choir is second to none.

The choir contains a good mix of people and musical abilities

It’s well balanced for sound and we sing a variety of music from various genres. This gives us a good range and doesn’t classify us as being a one style choir.

Everybody talks to each other and there is no “snobbery!”

I have to say this at the risk of sounding sycophantic. We have a very dedicated, capable MD who puts a lot of effort into getting the best performance out of us.


‘I love my choir mornings!!! 🎼🎹😍 After a stressful week, it was just what I needed this morning. Music is good for the soul ☺️🎵🎧’

A new member’s viewpoint
It’s such a great idea to be able to come along for one session as a taster before making a decision, but once I arrived there I knew that this was going to be such a positive thing in my life.
I was given such a warm welcome and the sessions and so enjoyable and always fun.
My experience has been truly wonderful, joining the choir has made such a difference to my life.  It has given me the opportunity to sing again, as well as making new friends, as I feel that I have a huge family who share a common interest.
The sectional whatsapp group is such a great idea and can be so supportive in every way. It improves confidence and helps wellbeing.



As a recent newbie my experience of joining was really lovely. I felt so welcomed and my joining was so well organised ( Sandra was ready with my welcome pack and music). We moved to Frodsham earlier this year and joining the choir, and being so welcomed, has really helped me to settle in and feel at home. Thanks xx