A Titanic Effort from Frodsham Sings!

Saturday 29th September saw 62 of our members going abroad to our second home at Helsby Methodist Church for a very special workshop! Our fantastic leader for the day was the very talented Matt Baker, of Handbags of Harmonies and Proud Marys fame. Our theme for the day was intent, and how to bring more meaning and purpose to our songs. To really make us understand how intent can change the way we sound, Matt took us back in time to the sinking of the Titanic.

Using a simple song, we took on different roles from the ship (captain, officers, first class passengers, steerage passengers) and discovered how the song sounded completely different when we altered the intention and the role behind it. Our members threw themselves into it with a “Titanic” effort (see what I did there!) and when we had to be steerage passengers desperately trying to escape, it even got a little bit emotional.

After a well-earned break and some very tasty bacon butties, we went on to apply what we had learnt to some of the songs from our own repertoire. It was incredible how some of our old favourites were transformed just by putting a different intention to them.

It was an absolutely incredible morning, we learnt a huge amount and I think it’s safe to say we all had a lot of fun. We’re so grateful to Matt for running this wonderful workshop for us and very much hope to see him again in the future.

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy being part of, have a look at our website www.frodshamsings.org for more information, or drop in for a free taster session. We meet on Saturdays from 9.30 till 11am at Frodsham Community Centre. We look forward to meeting you!

Countdown to our special member only music workshop

As if just being a member of Frodsham Sings isn’t enough, we also have certain extra perks from time to time. One of these is our exclusive Member only Music Workshop this Saturday 29 September at Helsby Methodist Church, run by none other than Matt Baker himself!! ( Of Handbags of Harmony and Chester Mystery Plays fame..not the BBC One Show…). If that wasn’t enough there is a rumour going around that Bacon Sausage and Egg Butties are going to be served as well!

Its back to normal rehearsals the week after..6 October.. when we start on our Christmas programme run up!! A small number of membership places are available so do let us know asap if you want to come along and join in the fun!!

A windy day in Frodsham town….

About 50 Choir members entertained the crowds at this year’s Cheshire Motor Show…and our Choir Banner just about survived the ordeal!!

Another gig done…..

We had a great time yesterday entertaining the crowds in the lovely sunshine at the Cheshire Motor Show! In fact we were so busy enjoying ourselves that we didn’t take any photos…but we received great feedback from those listening! Did you take a picture of us? Please do let us know!!! 

We’ve had a number of enquiries from prospective new members following our performance last Sunday – you are very welcome however just a reminder that we won’t be rehearsing this coming Saturday (7 July) as we’re off to the Eisteddfod..see you on the 14th though!!!!

Fabulous Result for our Charity Murder Mystery Evening!!!

What a load of thespians we have in our choir!!  We managed to raise approx £800 for our two 2018 charities, Hospice of the Good Shepherd and Cheshire Young Carers! Great social night as well….

Our first 2018 Workshop for members is nearly here!!

The first of our series of 2018 member workshops is nearly here! On Saturday 12 May we are welcoming back Kathryn Davies (local Rock Choir leader) to lead us….a little hint below as to what we might be learning…..if you want to benefit from our workshops (free to members) then why not come along to our rehearsal on 19 May for a free taster?