Reminder about this Saturday

I hope you had a good Bank Holiday break and are newly refreshed!

Just a reminder that we are rehearsing on Saturday at the Community Centre – as I understand it we have the ‘GP’ room downstairs which has a kitchen so we can bring some refreshment – any volunteers for tea/coffee/sugar/milk? (will be reimbursed)

I will be giving you the final list for the festival – about 7 songs so we can concentrate on getting them right in the six rehearsals left!!!



A good morning’s sing…..


Ian wants us to learn all this!!!!!

Well done all on a lot of hard work this morning – we ranged from Celtic music to James Bond, from Irish Rovers to Swedish super groups, all in the space of 90 minutes! I hope it wasn’t too intimidating – you can do it!!!!   

All going Celtic!!!!


As we can’t vote SNP (joke!! we are purely non political) I thought it would be good to learn a Scottish song – have a listen to this lovely song.

Members – parts and score are available on the members only section.